[solved] Ford Focus engine oil overfill concerns?

Ford question by Jon:
Ford Focus engine oil overfill concerns?
I think my Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec E was overfilled by about 1/2 litre (0.5 inch above max) when it was serviced, but I have had some oil removed since. I drove about 200 miles before I realized it was above max on the dipstick. Has anyone else had trouble with a dealer overfilling their oil. How would I know if there was any damage done to the engine. When I think back to before they removed some of the excess oil, I don’t think it revved as easily as it does now. Is that a bad sign ?


Best Ford answer:

Answer by occluderx
Bad sign? – no – as your overfill was corrected seemingly fast enough.

Remember that when you check your oil – it should be at a filling station on the concrete beside the pumps as that is assured as – level ground >> critical << to the reading that your dipstick gives you.

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Ford Focus engine oil overfill concerns?

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3 Responses to [solved] Ford Focus engine oil overfill concerns?

  1. Grizz says:


    Overfilling with oil blows head gaskets amongst other things. However, if you vehicle is running okay now then it would appear that you’ve gotten away with it this time, but just keep an eye on the coolant and oil levels for a while to make sure.

    You should check your oil on level ground so as to get as accurate a reading as possible to ensure you are not mislead into thinking all is well.

    Very best regards


  2. JACQUELINE D says:

    the engine would have burned off the excess oil anyway ,,smoked a bit but it would have been ok,check your oil level weekly,level ground on a cold engine,or at a garage but,wait at least 5mins to the oil drains back into the sump,checking it while hot ,will give a false reading …

  3. silverbullet217 says:

    it would need to be way over filled, what would cause a problem would be if it was high enough to hit the counter weights on the crank throwing it out of balance

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