[solved] optimal speed for ford focus?

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optimal speed for ford focus?
what is the optimal speed for an automatic car (ford focus)?
Is there a chart of speed vs. fuel consumption (e.g., if I drive 10% faster than the optimum – how much more fuel will be cunsumed?)


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Answer by Sam Jones – Cricket
The lowest speed that it will stay in top gear with the torque converter locked up on cruise control. Probably around 55 mph.

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optimal speed for ford focus?

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  1. Josh★ says:

    The best spped taking into account economy is 56MPH. to acheive this you may be revving the engine more or keep dropping off the accelerator to do this so you woue to have some sort of cruise controlv ha

  2. tim says:

    the spped limit is the best guide.

  3. Timbo is here says:

    There is not an optimal speed and there is no such chart. Over 50 mph wind resistance is the biggest factor and it increases exponentially with the increase in speed.
    Keep below 50 for the best consumption and in top gear so engine is turning over slowly.
    The consumption will still be influenced by traffic conditions, how fast you accelerate up to speed and how well you anticipate slowing for hold ups etc.

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